Figure 2

Ohlebusch et al., 2020 - Investigation of alpl expression and Tnap-activity in zebrafish implies conserved functions during skeletal and neuronal development
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Figure 2

alpl expression during zebrafish embryogenesis. (A) and (B) Spatio-temporal expression pattern of alpl in zebrafish embryos at early segmentation (3–12-somites, A) until long-pec stages (48 hpf, B). (C) Detail images of head regions and of sections stained via ISH for alpl at long-pec stadium. Dashed white lines indicate level of sections shown at higher magnifications (1–4). Scale bar: 100 µm. Ao, dorsal aortic root; Cb, cerebellum; Dc, diencephalon; He, heart tube/heart; Le, lens; Mc, mesencephalon; MHB, midbrain-hindbrain boundary; Ne, nephros; No, notochord; Nt, neural tube; Pf, pectoral fin; Rc, rhombencephalon; Re, retina; Som, somites; Tb, tail bud.

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Stage Range: 1-4 somites to Long-pec

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