Fig. 3

Carreira-Barbosa et al., 2003 - Prickle 1 regulates cell movements during gastrulation and neuronal migration in zebrafish
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Fig. 3

Abrogation of Pk1 function enhances the slb phenotype and suppresses elevated Wnt11 activity. (A-D) Dorsal views showing prechordal plate position (arrowheads) in a slb-/- embryo (A), a slb-/- embryo injected with 3 ng of pk1-Mo (B), a slb-/- embryo injected with 10 pg wnt11 RNA (C) and a slb-/- embryo injected with 10 pg wnt11 RNA plus 3 ng of pk1-Mo (D). Dots outline the prospective neural plate. The positions of the prechordal plate are indicated by arrowheads.

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Stage: Bud

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Stage: Bud

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