Fig. 6

Marlow et al., 2004 - No tail co-operates with non-canonical Wnt signaling to regulate posterior body morphogenesis in zebrafish
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Fig. 6

Abnormal cell proliferation cannot account for the tail elongation defects in double mutants. Schematic representation of the dorsal medial paraxial region, where the ratio of phosphorylated-histone-positive cells (green) to papc-expressing cells (red) was determined (A). Confocal images of dorsal posterior section of the wild type (B), ppt (C), kny (D) and ntl (E) mutants, and ppt;ntl (F) and kny;ntl (G) double mutants at five somites, phosphorylated-histone-positive cells (green) and papc-expressing cells (red). (B-G) Scale bar=50 μm.

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Stage: 5-9 somites

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