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General Information
ZFIN ID: ZDB-FIG-060803-4
Renucci et al., 1996 - An activated form of type I serine/threonine kinase receptor TARAM-A reveals a specific signalling pathway involved in fish head organiser formation. Development (Cambridge, England)   122:3735-3743
Anatomical Terms:
Stage Range: 2-cell to Bud

Fig. 2 (A-G) TARAM-A RNA expression in early zebrafish embryos stages. Whole-mount view from lateral (A-C), or dorsal (D-G) side; (A-F) animal pole is to the top; (G,H) anterior is to the top. (A) 2-cell-stage. (B) 500-cell stage. TARAM-A expression is fading from the marginal cells corresponding to the prospective yolk syncitial layer cells (YSL) (arrowhead). (C) Dome stage. TARAM-A expression is no longer detected in animal pole cells and is restricted to the marginal zone. (D) 40% epiboly stage. An additional domain of TARAM-A appears on the future dorsal side. (E) Shield stage. The expression in the marginal zone is fading and the TARAM-A territory expression occupies the shield area. (F) 80% epiboly stage and (G,H) 100% epiboly stage; labelling is restricted to the embryonic axis. (H) Flat-mount view of head of an embryo at the end of gastrulation labelled with gsc (red) and TARAM-A (purple). The anterior limit of TARAM-A expression is bordered by the anterior, crescent-shaped gsc domain. (I-M) Sections of embryos labelled with a TARAM-A probe (blue) and an anti-NTL antibody (nucleus in yellowish brown). (I-K) Sagittal section; (L,M) cross sections. Y indicates the position of the yolk, the black arrowheads indicate the positions of the epiblast (e) and the hypoblast (h) or axial hypoblast (ah). (I) Sagittal section through a 70% epiboly stage embryo; the asterisk indicates the blastoderm margin, the red arrowhead indicates the anterior boundary of NTL protein distribution and the blue arrowhead the anterior boundary of TARAM-A expression in the hypoblast (dorsal to the left). Brachet’s cleft, delimiting the hypoblast-epiblast boundary, is visible in the anterior part of the embryo (Kimmel et al., 1995). (J,K) Sagittal section through the head (J), or the trunk (K), of a 95% epiboly stage embryo, (J, anterior down). The head can be divided into three regions. Anterior to the blue arrowhead, where the crescent-shaped expression of gsc is detected (see H), no TARAM-A expression is detected. Posterior to the blue arrowhead, both hypoblast and epiblast weakly express TARAM-A. More posteriorly, strong TARAM-A expression is graded, with peak levels around hypoblast-epiblast boundary. Periderm is not labelled. (K; anterior left) The axial hypoblast corresponding to the future notochord expresses specifically ntl and is labelled by TARAM-A. In addition to the hypoblast the epiblast is labelled. (L,M) Transverse sections through the head (L) and the trunk (M) of a 95% epiboly stage embryo. Staining is axial in both cases. Values for scale bars are indicated in μm.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
acvr1ba WT standard conditions 2-cell blastodisc ISH
256-cell blastodisc ISH
30%-epiboly margin ISH
Dome marginal blastomere ISH
30%-epiboly presumptive shield ISH
Shield DEL ISH
Shield margin ISH
75%-epiboly hypoblast ISH
90%-epiboly axial hypoblast ISH
90%-epiboly epiblast ISH
Bud axial hypoblast ISH
tbxta WT standard conditions Shield to 90%-epiboly axial hypoblast IHC
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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