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Fig. 1

Catalase expression in beta-cells leads to a reduction in beta-cell numbers in larvae. (A) Whole mount in situ hybridization (WISH) for catalase in WT and Tg(ins:catalase;ins:H2BmCherry) larvae at 5 dpf. Arrows point to the principal islet. Catalase expression was not detected in the beta-cells of WT larvae whereas Tg(ins:catalase;ins:H2BmCherry) larvae exhibit catalase transcripts. (B) Double WISH for insulin (brown) and catalase (purple) showing overlap between the insulin and catalase transcripts in Tg(ins:catalase;ins:H2BmCherry) siblings. (C) Confocal projections of the principal islets of 4 dpf WT and Tg(ins:catalase;ins:H2BmCherry) larvae. (D) Quantification of the average number of beta-cell in WT (n = 15 larvae) and Tg(ins:catalase;ins:H2BmCherry) larvae (n = 12 larvae). Tg(ins:catalase;ins:H2BmCherry) larvae exhibit a reduced beta-cell number compared to WT (p = 0,008, error bars = SEM).



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