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Fig. 1

Zebrafish slc3a2 is expressed specifically in the YSL and is essential for embryo development. (A) Expression of zebrafish slc3a2-a and slc3a3-b at different embryonic stages. Intensive slc3a2-a and slc3a2-b expression was observed around the YSN (arrowheads). (B) slc3a2 knockdown (MOs) causes a small head and short body axis at 24 hpf. Shown are examples of mild and severe morphological phenotypes. (C) Morphology at 24 hpf was categorized as normal (white), mild (light gray), or severe (dark gray) phenotypes presenting a small head and short body axis or as dead (black). Data shown are from three experiments; the total number of embryos is shown below each bar. (D) slc3a2 knockdown induces severe epiboly delay. Whole-mount in situ analyses for sox3, no-tail (ntl), and sox17 at the late gastrula stage are shown. The distance between the animal pole and the blastoderm margin is indicated by a black bracket.

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