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Fig. 2 Cdh23 and Harmonin require Ift88 and Myo7aa for normal localization in hair cells. Immunolabeling in (A-D) wild-type siblings or (E-H) cdh23, (I-L) ush1c, (M-P) ift88 and (Q-T) myo7aa mutants of (A,E,I,M,Q) Cdh23, (B,F,J,N,R) Harmonin, (C,G,K,O,S) Ift88 and (D,H,L,P,T) Myo7aa. Confocal views of anterior macula hair cells are shown. Confocal sections are 0.8 µm thick, whereas the neck and basal region of the hair cell have an estimated diameter of 2-2.5 µm and 5-6 µm, respectively. Thus, not all confocal sections contain a hair bundle, and the observed shape of the hair bundle varies according to the mounting angle (see also supplementary material Fig. S3). Some individual hair cells are outlined by dotted lines. WT, wild type. Scale bar: 5 µm.

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