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Figures for Schmid et al., 2013



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Fig. 1 Overview of human TDP-43 and zebrafish orthologs and Western blot of their loss-of-function alleles. (A) Schematic representation of human TDP-43 (turquois), zebrafish Tardbp (red), and zebrafish Tardbpl protein (orange); blue bars represent nuclear localization sequence; green bars represent nuclear export sequence; RRM, RNA recognition motif. (B, Top) Tardbp specific monoclonal antibody 4A12-111 detects the 43-kDa Tardbp protein in adult brain from wild-type and tardbplmde222-/- but not from tardbpmde198-/- and tardbpmde897-/- fish. Asterisk marks an unspecific band. (Middle) Tardbpl-specific monoclonal antibody 5F5-11 detects the approximately 34-kDa Tardbpl protein in adult brain from wild-type, tardbpmde198-/- and tardbpmde897-/- but not from tardbplmde222-/- fish. (Bottom) α-Tubulin serves as a loading control.

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