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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-120727-22
Figures for Niu et al., 2012



Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. S5 Rescue and mimicking of sec13m198 mutant phenotype. (A) Injection of the wildtype sec13 mRNA (+ sec13) but not the mutant mRNA (+ sec13m198) could fully or partially rescue the sec13m198 small liver phenotype when examined with an fabp10a probe on embryos 3 days post-injection. WT: wildtype; mu: mutant. (B) Injection of the sec13 splicing blocking morpholino sp2 resulted in a transcript with 66 nucleotides deletion originated from exon 7 (underlined sequence). Total RNA for RT-PCR was extracted from embryos at 3 dpf.RT-PCR product was then sequenced. Exons 7 and 8 of sec13 are in blue letters while intron 7 is in green. sp2 targeting sequence is boxed in purple. st: standard control morpholino; MO: sp2 morphant; MW: molecular weight. (C) Sec13 and Sec31a are co-localized in digestive organs. Immunofluorescence staining analysis using an anti-Sec13 mouse serum (panel on the right, green) and an anti-SEC31a rabbit serum (panel on the left, red) showed that Sec13 and Sec31A expression are co-localized in major digestive organs in 5 dpf embryos (panel in the middle). Red arrow: liver; yellow arrow: exocrine pancreas; white arrow: endocrine pancreas; green arrow: intestine.

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