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Figures for Gallardo et al., 2010


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Fig. 1 Section of the transgenic line cldnb:gfp. (A) Schematic drawings of a migrating primordium of the posterior lateral line along the horizontal myoseptum at 36 hpf. (B) Transgenic cldnb:gfp embryo at 36 hpf, when tails were sectioned (red line). (C) Sectioned tails with GFP primordium. (d) RT-PCR of RNA derived from dissected tails of 36 hpf embryos with primer specific to three genes known to be expressed in the primordium at this stage. L1: neuromast 1, L2: neuromast 2, prim: LLP primordium. Scale bars are 50 μm in (b-c).

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