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Figures for Seiliez et al., 2006


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Fig. 4 Inhibition of gsc plus foxA3 posteriorizes the ectoderm. (A–F) Expression of the presumptive epidermal marker foxi1 and the presumptive MHB marker pax2.1 in WT (A, D), gsc (B, E) and gsc/foxA3 (C, F) knock-down embryos. The region between the animal pole (red star) and the presumptive MHB (arrowhead) corresponding to the presumptive forebrain and midbrain is reduced in gsc and almost absent in gsc/foxA3 knock-down embryos. (G, H) Expression of hoxa1 in WT (G) is expanded anteriorly (red arrow) in gsc/foxA3 knock-down embryos (H). The embryos are at 80% epiboly. (A–C, G and H left) Lateral views and (D–F) animal pole view, dorsal to the right. (G and H right) Dorsal views anterior to the top.

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