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Xiao et al., 2018 - The roles of SMYD4 in epigenetic regulation of cardiac development in zebrafish. PLoS Genetics   14:e1007578 Full text @ PLoS Genet.
Observed In:
Stage Range: Long-pec to Day 4

Fig. 3

Phenotypical analyses of MZsmyd4L544Efs*1 embryos.

(A) Representative images of the MZsmyd4L544Efs*1 and control embryos at 48 hpf, exhibiting congested blood flow in the ventral vein; (B) Representative images of the MZsmyd4L544Efs*1 and control embryos at 96 hpf, displaying severe pericardial edema; (C) Representative images of the MZsmyd4L544Efs*1 and control hearts at 72 hpf, demonstrating abnormal cardiac morphology and left-right looping defects; (D) Significantly more MZsmyd4L544Efs*1 embryos had abnormal cardiac development than control fish Tg (cmcl2:GFP) (61% ± 4.0% mutants vs. 14% ± 4.6% controls, n = 100, p < 0.01**); (E) Comparison of left-right patterning defects in the MZsmyd4L544Efs*1 (n = 100) and control (n = 100) embryos (green: normal L-loop; blue: straight; dark blue: D-loop). Only 10% of the control embryos showed an abnormal “straight” cardiac left-right asymmetry pattern. However, 48% of MZsmyd4L544Efs*1 embryos exhibited a “straight” left-right asymmetry pattern, and 11% showed a “D-loop” left-right asymmetry pattern; (F) Representative confocal images of the ventricular wall and 3D re-construction images of the MZsmyd4L544Efs*1 and control hearts at 96 hpf. The confocal scanned images demonstrated hypoplastic wall with significant reduction of trabeculation in MZsmyd4L544Efs*1 ventricle when compared to the wild-type control ventricle. The 3D-reconstruction of the hearts confirmed left-right looping defects in MZsmyd4L544Efs*1 hearts (For a better view of 3D-structures, see supplemental material S1 and S2 Movies). (G) Histological sections and H&E staining images of the MZsmyd4L544Efs*1 and control hearts at 96 hpf, demonstrating abnormal ventricular walls and reduced trabeculation; (H) The quantitative analysis of the number of cardiomyocytes in the ventricle displayed that MZsmyd4 L544Efs*1 had significantly reduced cardiomyocytes (p<0.01, **).

Gene Expression Details No data available
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
smyd4zf3020/zf3020; zf2036Tg standard conditions Long-pec blood accumulation ventral aorta, abnormal
Protruding-mouth determination of heart left/right asymmetry disrupted, abnormal
Protruding-mouth heart looping disrupted, abnormal
Day 4 cardiac ventricle cardiac muscle cell decreased amount, abnormal
Day 4 cardiac ventricle hypoplastic, abnormal
Day 4 heart trabecula morphogenesis disrupted, abnormal
Day 4 pericardium edematous, abnormal
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