Fig. S2

Shainer et al., 2017 - Novel hypophysiotropic AgRP2 neurons and pineal cells revealed by BAC transgenesis in zebrafish
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Fig. S2

Development of AgRP2 projections (magenta) towards the pituitary vasculature (green).

(a) AgRP2 preoptic neuronal projection towards the pituitary vasculature is detected as early as 3 dpf. (b) At 5 dpf, as the pituitary vasculature continues to develop; more AgRP2 projections can be detected. (c) At 12 dpf, a clear interface can be detected between AgRP2 and the pituitary vasculature. (d) At 30 dpf, complexity of the pituitary vasculature increases together with increased number of AgRP2 terminals.

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Stage Range: Protruding-mouth to Days 30-44

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