Fig. 2

Cao et al., 2016 - Identification of novel MYO18A interaction partners required for myoblast adhesion and muscle integrity
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Fig. 2

Analysis by in situ hybridization of myo18ab, lurap1, p190RhoGEF and Golgin45 expression pattern at 24 hpf.

(A,B) Expression of myo18ab is localized at somite borders and in the somites. Diffuse expression can be observed in the head region. It is strongly localized in deep muscle and weakly in superficial muscle and in the notochord. (C,D) Expression of lurap1 is mainly localized to the head region and weakly in trunk and posterior somites. A punctate pattern can be detected in the dorsal region of the neural tube (arrows). It is also detected in the notochord. (E,F) Expression of p190RhoGEF can be detected in the head region, in trunk and posterior somites, and in the notochord. Hybridization signal can be also observed in the yolk sac. (G,H) Expression of Golgin45 is localized to the head region, and is also detected in the entire somites and notochord. nt, neural tube; nc, notochord; s, somites. Scale bars: (A,C,E,G) 350 μm; (B,D,F,H) 50 μm.

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