Fig. 7

Li et al., 2014 - Zebrafish Adar2 Edits the Q/R Site of AMPA Receptor Subunit gria2alpha Transcript to Ensure Normal Development of Nervous System and Cranial Neural Crest Cells
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Fig. 7

Malformation of the cranial cartilages of hypo-Q/R-editing morphants.

Representative images of Alcian blue staining of the head cartilages are presented in three views. Ventral view is taken at a deeper focus from the dorsal side. Abbreviations: bh, basihyal; cb, ceratobranchials; ch, ceratohyal; ep, ethmoid plate; hs, hyosymplectic; m, Meckel′s cartilage; not, notochord; pch, parachordal; pq, palatoquadrate; tr, trabeculae.

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Stage Range: Protruding-mouth to Day 4

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