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Figures for Pi-Roig et al., 2014


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Fig. 5

tbx5b knock-down causes a delay in pectoral fin growth. (a,i,q) Pectoral fin morphology at 3 dpf. Dorsal views are shown with anterior to the top. (b-h) Expression of the developing pectoral fin markers in control (ctrl) MO-injected embryos. (c′-h′) Higher magnifications of (c-h). (j-p) Pectoral fin markers expression in tbx5b-morphant embryos. (k′-p′) Higher magnifications of (k-p). (r,s) tbx5a morphants. (t) Model for the differential requirements for the tbx5 genes during pectoral fin development. b-h, j-p,r,s are dorsal views with anterior to the left. c′-h′,k′-p′ are lateral views with anterior to the left.

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