Figures for Thompson et al., 1998


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Fig. 5 Deletion of the c-myb gene in b316 mutants does not result in a loss of gata1 expression in zebrafish embryonic erythroid cells. Whole-mount in situ hybridization of wild-type (A) and b316 (B) embryos at approximately 18 h postfertilization with gata1. Note that the b316 embryo development is arrested at about 5-somites, but that it appears to have a normal level of gata1 expression. PCR of DNA from wild-type or b316 embryos with two different c-myb primer pairs, and with primers specific for gata2, lmo2, and gata1 (C). c-myb is not amplified with either primer pair from DNA made from b316 embryos, while it is amplified from DNA made from wild-type embryos. gata2, lmo2, and gata1 all amplify in both b316 and wild-type embryos.

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