Figures for Dal-Pra et al., 2006


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Fig. 6 Analysis of double chordin–noggin1 morphants with endomesodermal markers. (A–C) Expression of draculin (drl) specific of presumptive hematopoietic territory at 70% epiboly. (D–F) Expression of the paraxial marker myf5 at the 3-somite stage. (G–I) Expression of the cephalic mesendodermal marker follistatin1 (fst1) at 80% epiboly. (J–L) Expression of the prechordal plate marker hgg1 which labels the presumptive hatching gland at 75% epiboly. (M–O) Expression of the notochordal marker floating-head (flh) at 75% epiboly. (A, D, G, J, M) Wild-type embryos (B, E, H, K, N), 100 μM MO-chd-injected embryos (C, F, I, L, O) 100–800 μM chd-nog1 MOs-injected embryos. (A–C) Vegetal pole views, dorsal to the right. (D–F) Dorsal views anterior to the left. (G–O) Dorsal views, animal pole up.

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