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Figures for Bernardos et al., 2005


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Fig. 1 Differentiation and laminar organization of the retina in wild-type and mib-/- embryos at 65 hpf. DAPI-stained wild-type (A) and mib-/- (B) retinas. Lamination was absent in the mib-/- retina except for an outer nuclear layer (onl; arrow). TUNEL-labeled wild-type (C) and mib-/- (D) retinas (Fast Red—red). Representative apoptotic cells are indicated by arrows in the wild-type. Ganglion cells labeled with the zn-5/neurolin antibody in wild-type (E) and mib-/- (F) retinas (Cy-3—red; arrowhead = optic nerve; N = 10 embryos examined for each condition). (G–J) Opsin expression in wild-type and mib-/- retinas. Expression of red opsin (Cy-3—red) in wild-type (G) and mib-/- (H) retinas (N = 10 embryos). Expression of rod opsin (FITC—green) in rod photoreceptors in wild-type (I) and mib-/- (J) retinas (N = 10 embryos). Abbreviations: ganglion cell layer (gcl); inner nuclear layer (inl); outer nuclear layer (onl). Dorsal is up and ventral is down in this and all subsequent figures unless otherwise noted. The lens and outer border of the retina in this figure and all subsequent figures has been outlined to orient the reader. Scale bar = 50 μm (A–J).

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