Fig. 8.

Leid et al., 2023 - Deletion of taf1 and taf5 in zebrafish capitulate cardiac and craniofacial abnormalities associated with TAFopathies through perturbations in metabolism
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Fig. 8.

Defective oxidative metabolism in corastl325 and taf1 knockout embryos. (A) RTPCR showing the reduced expression of genes involved in the TCA cycle (Asdph, Suclg2) and the electron transport chain (Aifdm5, Cox4il) in corastl325 and taf1stl456 embryos at 96 hpf. Each data point represents a pool of 20 embryos. (B) Reduced basal oxygen consumption rates (OCR) in corastl325 (n=12) and taf1stl456 (n=12) embryos compared to controls at 96 hpf (left). Preserved basal OCR in ttnstl853/stl853 (n=20) compared to controls (n=18) embryos at 96 hpf (right). Data were obtained from a Seahorse XF24 Bioanalyzer. (C) Targeted metabolite assays measuring NAD/NADH (left) and ADP/ATP (right) in control, corastl325 taf1stl456, and ttnstl853/stl853 embryos at 96 hpf. n=4 pools of 100 embryos per genotype. (D) Oxygen consumption rates of isolated mitochondria for fatty acid metabolism. n=4 pools of 100 embryos per genotype

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