Fig. 1

Seese et al., 2021 - Genetic disruption of zebrafish mab21l1 reveals a conserved role in eye development and affected pathways
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Fig. 1

Expression pattern of mab21l1 in 3-, 5-, and 45-dpf zebrafish eye. RNA-scope analysis of mab21l1 (magenta) in 3-dpf, A and B, 5-dpf, C-F, and 45-dpf, G-K, transverse sections. At all stages, mab21l1 is expressed in the cornea (c) (both central, B, D, I, and peripheral, E, F, J, K), lens (l) (specifically, anterior lens epithelium [le]), and retina (r), A-K, as well as dorsal and ventral iris (ir) and iridocorneal angle at 45-dpf, J, K. DAPI staining indicates cell nuclei (blue). The boxed regions in, A, C, and H are shown in enlarged forms in, B, D-F, and I-K, respectively

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Stage Range: Protruding-mouth to Days 45-89

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