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Müller-Deile et al., 2018 - Overexpression of preeclampsia induced microRNA-26a-5p leads to proteinuria in zebrafish. Scientific Reports   8:3621 Full text @ Sci. Rep.
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Stage: Day 4
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Stage: Day 4

Fig. 3

Vegf-Aa knockdown by vegf-Aa-MO or miR-26a-5p mimic causes loss of plasma proteins in zebrafish larvae. Zebrafish were either injected with control morpholino (CTRL-MO), a vegf-Aa morpholino (vegf-Aa-MO), a vegf-Ab morpholino (vegf-Ab-MO), a control miR mimic (miR-CTRL) or a miR-26a-5p mimic (miR-26a-5p) alone (−) or as co-injection with a recombinant zebrafish Vegf-Aa protein (Vegf-Aa) (+) at one to four cell stages. (A) Representative images of eye of an unaffected Tg(l-fabp:DBP:eGFP) transgenic fish appears green due to the fluorescent plasma protein in the retina vessels (left). In fish with proteinuria, the eye appears dark due to loss of green fluorescent plasma proteins (right). (B) Quantification of loss of circulating high molecular weight proteins by measuring max. eye fluorescence in the retinal vessel plexus of Tg(l-fabp:DBP:eGFP) zebrafish larvae at 96 hpf.***p < 0.001, n.s. not significant; CTRL-MO n = 15, vegf-Aa-MO n = 20, vegf-Aa-MO + Vegf-Aa n = 21, vegf-Ab-MO n = 16, vegf-Ab-MO + Vegf-Aa n = 16, miR-CTRL n = 16, miR-26a-5p n = 14, miR-26a-5p + Vegf-Aa n = 24, WT + Vegf-Aa n = 17, WT n = 18, total n = 177.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
EGFP lri500Tg + MO10-vegfaa standard conditions Day 4 retina blood plasma IFL
Day 4 retina blood vessel IFL
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
lri500Tg + MO10-vegfaa standard conditions Day 4 retina blood plasma EGFP expression decreased amount, abnormal
Day 4 retina blood vessel EGFP expression decreased amount, abnormal
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