Fig. 3

Wircer et al., 2017 - Homeodomain protein Otp affects developmental neuropeptide switching in oxytocin neurons associated with a long-term effect on social behavior
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Fig. 3

Posterior tuberculum (PT) OXT neurons represent a new cluster of zebrafish parvocellular neurons.

Immunostaining and confocal imaging of either 5 day-old larva (A) or adult (B; 150 ┬Ám sagittal section) transgenic OXT reporter Tg(oxt:egfp) with a tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) antibody which serves as an anatomical landmark. The soma size of OXT neurons was measured using FIJI image-processing package in three larvae (C) and two adults (D) and plotted as a function of their relative anterior-posterior position. Each individual animal is marked by a different shape. NPO and PT neurons are labeled in green and orange, respectively. NPO, neurosecretory preoptic area; PM, magnocellular preoptic nucleus; PMg, gigantocellular part of magnocellular preoptic nucleus; PPa, parvocellular preoptic nucleus - anterior part; PT, posterior tuberculum; TH, tyrosine hydroxylase.

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Stage Range: Day 5 to Adult

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