Fig. S6

Cheng et al., 2016 - Vinculin b deficiency causes epicardial hyperplasia and coronary vessel disorganization in zebrafish
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Fig. S6

Cardiac muscle sarcomere structure is relatively normal in v12 mutant. (A-B) Sarcomere structure is shown by staining with a F59 antibody recognizing myosin heavy chain. v12 mutant shows a relatively normal sarcomere structure. (C-D) Transmission electron microscope (TEM) images show relatively normal sarcomere structures in v12 mutant. Note some gaps between muscle cells. (E-F) Immunostaining usingmef2 and MF20 antibodies aimedto quantify density of cardiomyocytes in v12 mutant and wild-typed sibling. (G) Myocardial density is measured by mef2 and MF20 antibody immunostaining.v12 mutant has more mef2 positive nucleiper 1000 μm2 than the wild type sibling.Data are presented as mean ± s.e.m.two-tailed unpaired t-test, ***, P<0.001. Scale bar: 10μm(A-B), 1μm(C-D), 20μm(E-F).

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