Fig. 7

Cheng et al., 2016 - Vinculin b deficiency causes epicardial hyperplasia and coronary vessel disorganization in zebrafish
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Fig. 7

Vcla expression may alleviate defects in myocardium in the v12 mutant. (A) The monoclonal anti-VCL antibody fails to recognize the NVclb-EGFP fusion protein and C-terminal Vclb but recognizes Vclb (aa227-1065) (left panel). All three Vclb variants can be detected by anti-FLAG antibody (right panel). The anti-VCL antibody recognizes the middle region of Vclb, which is absent from NVclb-EGFP, and recognizes Vcla protein (aa227-837), indicating that the VCL antibody only recognizes Vcla protein in v12 mutants. Arrow points to the endogenous VCL protein of HEK293 cells. (B-B''') Immunostaining reveals that NVclb-EGFP colocalizes with Aldh1a2 in epicardial cells in v12 mutant ventricles at 50 dpf. (C-C''') Immunostaining shows that Vcla is mainly expressed in the myocardium but not in epicardial cells in v12 mutant ventricles at 50 dpf.

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Stage: Days 45-89

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