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Mishra-Gorur et al., 2014 - Mutations in KATNB1 Cause Complex Cerebral Malformations by Disrupting Asymmetrically Dividing Neural Progenitors. Neuron   84:1226-1239 Full text @ Neuron
Anatomical Terms:
Stage Range: Prim-5 to Protruding-mouth

Fig. 4

KATNB1 Is Highly Expressed in the Developing Brain

(A) KATNB1 is expressed across all regions and developmental periods in the human brain. KATNB1 exon array signal intensity. NCX, neocortex; STR, striatum; HIP, hippocampus; MD, mediodorsal nucleus of the thalamus; AMY, amygdala; CBC, cerebellar cortex. In developing mouse brain, Katnb1 is expressed in neural progenitors until midneurogenesis (E11.5, E13.5) (B and C), and then is also expressed in postmitotic neurons in the cortical plate (E15.5, E18.5) (D and E), and widespread expression was observed in postnatal brain (P14) (F). ne, neuropithelium; vz, ventricular zone; svz, subventricular zone; iz, intermediate zone; cp, cortical plate. Scale bars (G–I), 200 µm, (J and K), 500 µm. Similarly, katnb1 is expressed in the brain in the developing zebrafish embryo (G–K). Lateral views of whole-mount in situ hybridization of the brain and torso of zebrafish embryos reveal the expression pattern of katnb1 at 24 hr postfertilization (hpf) (G), 36 hpf (H), 48 hpf (I), 60 hpf (J), and 72 hpf (K). During early developmental stages (G and H), katnb1 mRNA expression is ubiquitous throughout the embryo, including the cephalic region. As the embryos develop further (I–K), katnb1 mRNA expression becomes restricted to neural tissue. Black lines point to various anatomical structures. d, diencephalon; t, telencephalon; m, mesencephalon; rh, rhombomeres; cb, cerebellum; ot, optic tectum; mhb, midbrain hindbrain boundary; mb, midbrain; hb, hindbrain; fb, fin bud. Scale bar, 500 µm.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
katnb1 WT standard conditions Prim-5 diencephalon ISH
Prim-5 midbrain ISH
Prim-5 rhombomere ISH
Prim-5 telencephalon ISH
Prim-25 cerebellum ISH
Prim-25 diencephalon ISH
Prim-25 midbrain ISH
Prim-25 rhombomere ISH
Prim-25 telencephalon ISH
Long-pec midbrain hindbrain boundary ISH
Long-pec optic tectum ISH
Pec-fin cerebellum ISH
Pec-fin pectoral fin ISH
Protruding-mouth hindbrain ISH
Protruding-mouth midbrain ISH
Protruding-mouth pectoral fin ISH
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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