Transcriptome profiling of adult zebrafish at the late stage of chronic tuberculosis due to Mycobacterium marinum infection

Meijer, A.H., Verbeek, F.J., Salas-Vidal, E., Corredor-Adámez, M., Bussman, J., van der Sar, A.M., Otto, G.W., Geisler, R., and Spaink, H.P.
Molecular immunology   42(10): 1185-1203 (Journal)
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Bussmann, Jeroen, Corredor, Maximiliano, Geisler, Robert, Meijer, Annemarie H., Otto, Georg, Salas-Vidal, Enrique, Spaink, Herman P., Verbeek, Fons J.
EST, expressed sequence tag; MHC, major histocompatibility class; RT-PCR, reverse transcriptase-PCR; qPCR, quantitative reverse transcriptase-PCR; TLR, Toll-like receptor
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The Mycobacterium marinum-zebrafish infection model was used in this study for analysis of a host transcriptome response to mycobacterium infection at the organismal level. RNA isolated from adult zebrafish that showed typical signs of fish tuberculosis due to a chronic progressive infection with M. marinum was compared with RNA from healthy fish in microarray analyses. Spotted oligonucleotide sets (designed by Sigma-Compugen and MWG) and Affymetrix GeneChips were used, in total comprising 45,465 zebrafish transcript annotations. Based on a detailed comparative analysis and quantitative reverse transcriptase-PCR analysis, we present a validated reference set of 159 genes whose regulation is strongly affected by mycobacterial infection in the three types of microarrays analyzed. Furthermore, we analyzed the separate datasets of the microarrays with special emphasis on the expression profiles of immune-related genes. Upregulated genes include many known components of the inflammatory response and several genes that have previously been implicated in the response to mycobacterial infections in cell cultures of other organisms. Different marker genes of the myeloid lineage that have been characterized in zebrafish also showed increased expression. Furthermore, the zebrafish homologs of many signal transduction genes with relationship to the immune response were induced by M. marinum infection. Future functional analysis of these genes may contribute to understanding the mechanisms of mycobacterial pathogenesis. Since a large group of genes linked to immune responses did not show altered expression in the infected animals, these results suggest specific responses in mycobacterium-induced disease.
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