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Figures for Erickson et al., 2020



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Lhfpl5a requires MET complex proteins Pcdh15a, Cdh23, and Myo7a for normal localization in the stereocilia of zebrafish hair cells. (A,B) Immunostain of Pcdh15a (magenta) in the lateral cristae of wild type and lhfpl5atm290d mutants at 3 dpf. Phalloidin-stained actin of the hair bundle is shown in green. Arrows indicate areas of Pcdh15a accumulation. (C–F’) Representative images of GFP-Lhfpl5a (vo23Tg) in the lateral cristae hair bundles of wild type (C,C’) and pcdh15apsi7(D,D’), cdh23nl9(E,E’), and myo7aaty220(F,F’) mutants. White arrows indicate GFP signal in the presumptive kinocilial linkages, yellow arrow heads indicate GFP signal in the stereocilia or the base of the hair bundle, and brackets indicate GFP signal in the kinocilium. Scale bars = 3 μm in (A,B); 2 μm in (C–F’).

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