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Figures for Edmunds et al., 2016


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Fig. 5

Catfishes lack brpf1 expression in the region where the basihyal forms in zebrafish. Expression of brpf1 during pharyngeal arch skeletal development in Danio rerio and Ictalurus punctatus, as detected by whole-mount in situ hybridization. Staining of pharyngeal arch cartilages using (A) Alcian Blue in D. rerio (72 hpf) and (B) Alcian Green in I. punctatus (86 hpf). Endogenous brpf1 expression in (C) D. rerio (72 hpf) and (D) I. punctatus (86 hpf). Arrows indicate location of basihyal element in D. rerio (cypriniform) and lack of basihyal element in I. punctatus (siluriform). Images are representative of e30 embryos. No labeling was detected in negative controls (data not shown). m, Meckel’s cartilage; ch, ceratohyal cartilage; cb, ceratobranchial cartilages. Scale bars = 100 µm.

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