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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-141124-34
Figures for McGraw et al., 2014


Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. S3

Expression of krm1, dkk1b and dkk2 partially overlaps throughout the embryo (A-B) Expression domains of krm1 and its ligands dkk1b and dkk2 in 30 hpf wildtype embryos. (A) krm1 is expressed in the mid-hindbrain boundary (mhb), lens (le), otic vesicle (ov), posterior lateral line primordium (pLLP) and the fin fold (ff). (B) dkk1b is expressed in the le, ov, pLLP and ff. (C) dkk2 is expressed in the mhb, le, ov and pLLP.

Figure Data:
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