Figures for Blanco et al., 2014



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Fig. 1 Zebrafish cdh23, ush1c, myo7aa and ift88 mutants have mechanoreceptor structural defects. (A–E) Confocal projections of anterior maculae labeled with phalloidin in (A) wild-type (WT) sibling, (B) cdh23tj264a, (C) ush1cfh293, (D) ift88tz288b and (E) myo7aaty220d mutants. (F–H) Confocal optical sections of double immunolabeling of (F) Harmonin (green) and Ift88 (red), (G) Harmonin (green) and Cdh23 (red), and (H) Harmonin (green) and Myo7aa (red). Individual hair cells are shown. (I) Quantification of total number of hair bundles. ne6 analyzed anterior maculae. (J) Quantification of total number of hair cells. ne5 analyzed anterior maculae. (K) Quantification of hair cell death in mutants and wild-type siblings. Number: average number of TUNEL-positive hair cells per macula. ne16 analyzed anterior maculae. Student’s t-test: **P<0.01, *P<0.05. NS, non significant. Black lines represent ± s.e.m. Scale bars: 5 µm.

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