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Figures for Garnaas et al., 2012


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Fig. 2 Raldhs 2 and 4 temporally regulate liver development. (A–I) Wild type embryos were injected with raldh2 or raldh4 MO at the 1-cell stage, and liver development was assessed over the next 72 h. In situ hybridization for the hepatoblast marker prox1 at 30 hpf (A–C) and 48 hpf (D–F) and hepatocyte marker lfabp at 72 hpf (G–I) demonstrates distinct temporal requirements for Raldh2 and Raldh4 during liver development. Arrowheads denote the liver primordium, and the dotted lines outline the liver. Scale bars: 100 µm.

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