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Fig. 7 Sec13 and Sec31a co-localize in hepatocytes, exocrine pancreatic cells, intestinal epithelium and chondrocytes. (A–D) In 5 dpf embryos Sec31a and Sec13 co-localize in hepatocytes (A), exocrine pancreatic cells (but not in endocrine pancreatic cells, white arrow) (B), apical side of the intestinal epithelium (C), and chondrocytes (white arrow) (D). (A1,B1,C1,D1) Immunostaining of Sec31a (red). (A3,B3,C3,D3) Immunostaining of Sec13 (green). (A2,B2,C2,D2) Superimpose of Sec31a and Sec13 staining accordingly. DAPI was used to stain the nucleus.

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