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Figures for Phillips et al., 2011



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Fig. 5 Harmonin localization in the larval retina is restricted to Müller glia. Semi-thin plastic sections stained with toluidine blue show consistent size, lamination and organization of 5 dpf wild-type, mutant and morphant retinas (A,F,K). 16-μm larval retina sections (B,G,L) show colocalization of the Müller cell marker glutamine synthetase (GS; green) and anti-zebrafish harmonin (red) in wild type (B). Both antibodies label Müller cell processes throughout the retina. Anti-zebrafish harmonin labeling is reduced in mutant (G) and morphant (L) Müller cells. Müller cell number and morphology is unaffected. Nonspecific signal associated with photoreceptor outer segments is observed in all panels at this magnification. See supplementary material Fig. S4 for comparison. High-magnification images of anti-zebrafish harmonin and GS labeling in Müller cell processes at the OPL (large arrow) and OLM (small arrow) of the 5 dpf retina are shown (wild type, C–E; mutant, H–J; morphant, M–O). Scale bars: 50 μm (A,B,F,G,K,L); 20 μm (C–E,H–J,M–O).

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