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Figures for Viktorin et al., 2009


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Fig. 2 emx1, emx2, and emx3 mRNA is expressed in overlapping domains in the dorsal telencephalon. A-C: emx1 (A) is expressed exclusively in the telencephalon (t) mantle, away from the ventricular zone, whereas emx2 (B) and emx3 (C) are expressed in both the ventricular zone (vz, red dashed line) and mantle. vd (white dashed lines) indicates the ventral diencephalic expression domain of emx2 and emx3. emx1, emx2, and emx3 are also expressed in few cells of the olfactory placode (op in A,D). D-F: Side views are included for orientation. The red dashed line in D outlines the fissure separating telencephalon (t) and diencephalon; black dashed lines outline the telencephalon and olfactory placode in A,D. A-C: Frontal views. D-F: Side views. Scale bar = 50 μm.

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