Figures for Nelson et al., 2009


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Fig. 3 Rx2 but not rx1 depletion causes a reduction in pax6 expression in optic primordia. (A–C) Embryos injected with MOs at the 1–2 cell stage and hybridized with a pax6 probe at 15 hpf. (A) 5-mispair control treated embryo (n = 48) showing the three regions of pax6 expression (arrowhead indicates anterior midline, arrow indicates eye anlage, asterisk indicates posterior midline). (B) rx1-depleted embryo showing similar pattern of expression of pax6 (n = 33). (C) rx2-depleted embryo (n = 24) showing a reduction in pax6 expression in the eye anlage and anterior midline. (D–F) Histograms showing the relative expression levels of pax6 in the eye anlage, anterior midline, and posterior midline, respectively, in 5-mispair control, rx1 and rx2 morphants. Scale bar in A (applies to all) = 100 μm.

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