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Figures for Ke et al., 2008



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Fig. 1 Gli2b and cell proliferation in the hindbrain. (A, B) zrf-1 stained radial glial cells in the hindbrain in 30 hpf control (A) and Gli2b morphant (B), dorsal view. (C, D) Expression of gfap in control (C) Gli2b morphant (D). (E, F) Cross sections of 30 hpf control (E) and Gli2b morphant (F) at the posterior hindbrain level stained by anti-P-H3 (red) and HuC (green) antibody. (G) A graph based on Table 1 that demonstrates changes in a number of proliferating cells in Gli2b morphants comparing to controls. Abbreviations: e, ear; pz, pial zone; vz, ventricular zone.

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