Figure 3

Piccione et al., 2021 - STW 5 Herbal Preparation Modulates Wnt3a and Claudin 1 Gene Expression in Zebrafish IBS-like Model
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Figure 3

(A) Quantitative PCR analysis of il6, il8, il10, tnfα, wnt3a, and cldn1 genes in explanted zebrafish total guts. The tissues were explanted from animals treated for 8 h with DSS (controls) or incubated with STW 5 for 16 h after DSS stimulation. qRT-PCR of il6, il8, il10, and tnfα in (B) ENS cultures (ENSc), and (C) epithelial cells (EPc). Expression levels were determined as relative to the expression of the housekeeping gene ef1α, normalized to controls, and calculated using the ΔΔCt method based on the equation 2–ΔΔCt ± standard deviation. In the graphs, the expression level of controls was set to 1 and indicated with a dotted line. Statistical significance was calculated using the Wilcoxon test. Samples vs. controls ( p ≤ 0.05; •• p ≤ 0.01). Samples vs. DSS (* p ≤ 0.05; ** p ≤ 0.01).

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