Figure 4

D'Gama et al., 2021 - Diversity and function of motile ciliated cell types within ependymal lineages of the zebrafish brain
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Figure 4

gmnc is required for multiciliation in ependymal cells

(A and B) Absence of MCCs in 1-month-old (A1 and A2; n = 3 ctrl; 3 mutants) and adult brains of gmnc mutants (B1–B3; n = 3 ctrl; 3 mutants). Arrowheads show MCC in controls. All ciliated cells in gmnc mutant are monociliated (arrow). (A1) 1-month dorsal telencephalon and (A2) ChP. (B1) Adult dorsal telencephalon. (B2) Anterior portion of the adult ChP. (B3) Adult midline above the Ca.

(C1–C3) gmnc enhances the expression of foxj1a and foxj1b in the TC and ChP. (C1) HCR revealed a gmnc-dependent foxj1a expression, particularly in the anterior ChP (arrow in insets). n = 4 controls; 6 mutants. The hashtag symbol shows nonspecific signal in blood vessels. (C2) foxj1b:GFP remained expressed in gmnc mutant with reduced and more homogeneous levels (n = 4 controls; 7 mutants). β-catenin and glutamylated tubulin staining was used for quantification of GFP levels in C3. (C3) Monociliated cells express less foxj1b:GFP than MCCs and monociliated cells in gmnc mutant express similar foxj1b:GFP levels as control monociliated cells. All data points are plotted; mean and SD of n fish; p < 0.05 calculated on the average fluorescence per fish using rank sum test.

(D) HCR shows that foxj1a and foxj1b remained expressed in the telencephalic midline of gmnc mutant (n = 3).

Asterisk indicates axons. A, anterior; P, posterior; R, right; L, left; Tel, telencephalon.

See also Figure S3.

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Stage Range: Days 21-29 to Adult

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