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Bonkhofer et al., 2019 - Blood stem cell-forming haemogenic endothelium in zebrafish derives from arterial endothelium
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Fig. 1

Generation of a zebrafish BAC transgenic reporter line for runx1a Schematic representation of the zebrafish runx1 locus. Exon nomenclature adjusted to the human RUNX1 locus. P1 and P2 indicate the distal and the proximal promoter respectively (TSS: transcriptional start site). b Schematics of the two alternative transcripts derived from the alternative promoters P1 and P2. Transcript-specific and pan binding ISH probes are indicated with their respective lengths. c ISH for runx1 isoforms in 30 hpf embryos. Left panel: trunk region. Right panel: head region. Green arrows point to the HE, yellow arrows show the olfactory placode and purple arrows depict neurons in the brain region. d Schematic of the recombineered 97a02 BAC. A Citrine reporter cassette was placed downstream of the P2 ATG. e Confocal microscopy image of a flat mounted 15 hpf embryo after double FISH for runx1 and Citrine in TgBAC(runx1P2:Citrine) depicting the region of the posterior lateral plate mesoderm (PLM) and Rohon-Beard neurons (RBN). Maximum intensity projection of a 58 µm stack. fh Gene expression analysis for runx1and runx1P2:Citrine during definitive haematopoiesis. Green arrows point to the HE. Yellow arrowheads point to neurons in the spinal cord. f ISH for runx1 or Citrine in 24 hpf TgBAC(runx1P2:Citrine) embryos. g ISH for runx1 in 30 hpf embryos. hRepresentative fluorescent microscopy image of a 31 hpf TgBAC(runx1P2:Citrine) embryo. Insets in (g and h) enlarge the boxed region. i Fluorescent microscopy image of a 50 hpf double transgenic TgBAC(runx1P2:Citrine);Tg(kdrl:mCherry) embryo focusing on the region of the caudal haematopoietic tissue (CHT)

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Stage Range: 10-13 somites to Long-pec

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