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Martorano et al., 2019 - The zebrafish orthologue of the human hepatocerebral disease gene MPV17 plays pleiotropic roles in mitochondria. Disease models & mechanisms   12(3) Full text @ Dis. Model. Mech.
Observed In:
Stage Range: Day 6 to Days 7-13

Fig. 2

Analysis of mitochondrial ultrastructure and volume in mpv17−/− and wild-type liver at 6 dpf. (A) TEM analysis of wild-type (a) and mpv17−/− liver hepatocytes (b) (n=3). Scale bars: 2 µM. (B) Confocal images of double Tg(COXVIII-mls:EGFP); Tg(lfabp:dsRed) mpv17+/? and mpv17−/− siblings at 6 dpf (n=13) and 12 dpf (n=8). Scale bars: 50 µm. (C) Relative quantification of integrated density. Statistical analyses were performed using two-tailed Student's t-test. Statistical significance was evaluated by setting a confidence interval of 95%; data are mean±s.e.m. ns, not significant. Experiments were performed in biological replicates.

Gene Expression Details No data available
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
mpv17a9/a9 standard conditions Day 6 liver mitochondrial crista absent, abnormal
Day 6 liver mitochondrion increased size, abnormal
mpv17a9/a9; gz15Tg; ia301Tg standard conditions Day 6 hepatocyte volume, normal
Day 6 liver mitochondrion normal amount, normal
Days 7-13 hepatocyte volume, normal
Days 7-13 liver mitochondrion normal amount, normal
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