Fig. 4

Emerson et al., 2018 - Developmental expression patterns of protein kinase A catalytic subunits in zebrafish
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Fig. 4

prkacβa neuronal expression patterns. Brightfield images of zebrafish embryos processed for in situ hybridization. (A–C) Whole-mount lateral, (A′-C′) whole-mount dorsal. Brightfield sections (A″-C″) forebrain, (A‴-C‴) midbrain and (B‴‘-C‴‘) hindbrain. Embryos were imaged at different developmental time points. (A-A‴) 24 hpf, (BB‴‘) 48 hpf, (CC‴‘) 72 hpf. Lines in (A–C) indicate locations of the sections shown at that time-point. Hpf-hours post fertilization, FBfin bud, OpV- optic vesicle, OV otic vesicle, lTeO- lateral optic tectum, RGC- retinal ganglion cell layer, lfb-lateral forebrain bundle, Hi-intermediate hypothalamus, INL-inner nuclear layer, T-thalamus, TeO optic tectum, MO- medulla oblongata, n.s-non-specific. Inset shows sense probe control.

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Stage Range: Prim-5 to Protruding-mouth

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Reprinted from Gene expression patterns : GEP, 31, Emerson, S.E., Grebber, B.K., McNelllis, M., Orr, A.R., Deming, P.B., Ebert, A.M., Developmental expression patterns of protein kinase A catalytic subunits in zebrafish, 1-6, Copyright (2018) with permission from Elsevier. Full text @ Gene Expr. Patterns