Fig. 2

Reinardy et al., 2015 - Phosphorylation of Threonine 794 on Tie1 by Rac1/PAK1 Reveals a Novel Angiogenesis Regulatory Pathway
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Fig. 2

Tie1 and Thr794 are required for proper embryonic vascular development in zebrafish.

a-e Zebrafish embryos expressing Fli1:EGFP were injected with a control or Tie1 morpholino (MO) with or without mRNA encoding WT or T794A (TA) mutant Tie1 and effects on vascular development were assessed. b Zebrafish injected with a control MO develop normally and resemble uninjected (Control) embryos. c Tie1 MO-injected embryos display vascular abnormalities. d Co-injection of Tie1 MO and WT mouse Tie1 mRNA rescued the MO phenotype. e Injection of T794A mutant mouse Tie1 mRNA alone resulted in vascular abnormalities similar to those of MO-injected embryos. Arrows indicate blunted intersomitic vessel formation. f Quantification of mutant embryos after injection of Tie1 MO with WT or T794A mutant mRNA, P = 3.0x10-19 by Chi squared analysis. g Quantification of mutant embryos after injection of Tie1-WT or -TA mRNA alone, P = 1.3x10-18 by Chi squared analysis.

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