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General Information
ZFIN ID: ZDB-FIG-170224-1
Dieris et al., 2017 - A single identified glomerulus in the zebrafish olfactory bulb carries the high-affinity response to death-associated odor cadaverine. Scientific Reports   7:40892 Full text @ Sci. Rep.
Anatomical Terms:
Stage: Adult

Fig. 1

TAAR13c-positive neurons express ciliated markers, but not those of other OSN populations.

Horizontal sections of adult zebrafish olfactory epithelium were double-labelled with several cell type markers (left column, red fluorescence) and TAAR13 antibody (middle column, green fluorescence). Right column, merged images shown together with DAPI (blue fluorescence). Insets show single cells at higher magnification. (a) TAAR13c-positive cells are also positive for OMP in the OMP:lynRFP transgenic line. (b) The dendritic knob of TAAR13C-positive neurons is also labelled by Golf antibody, as seen by the yellow color. (c) The dendritic knob of TAAR13c-positive neurons is labelled with acetylated tubulin antibody (arrowheads). (d) No overlap is seen between TAAR13c antibody staining and TRPC2 expression as visualized in the TRPC2:gap-Venus transgenic line (here represented as red for consistency reasons). (e) No overlap is seen between TAAR13c and S100 antibody staining.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
mRFP rw035Tg standard conditions Adult ciliated olfactory receptor neuron IFL
taar13c Ab1-taar13c rw035Tg standard conditions Adult ciliated olfactory receptor neuron IHC
Venus rw036Tg standard conditions Adult microvillous olfactory receptor neuron IFL
Antibody Labeling Details
Antibody Assay Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy
Ab1-s100 IHC rw036Tg standard conditions Adult crypt olfactory receptor neuron
Ab2-gna IHC rw035Tg standard conditions Adult ciliated olfactory receptor neuron
Phenotype Details No data available
ZFIN wishes to thank the journal Scientific Reports for permission to reproduce figures from this article. Please note that this material may be protected by copyright. Full text @ Sci. Rep.