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Zhang et al., 2016 - An oxygen-insensitive Hif-3α isoform inhibits Wnt signaling by destabilizing the nuclear β-catenin complex. eLIFE   5 Full text @ Elife
Anatomical Terms:
Stage Range: 1-cell to Adult
Observed In:
Stage: Prim-15

Fig. 1

Hif-3α2 is an oxygen-insensitive Hif-3α isoform resulting from alternative splicing.(A) Hif-3α isoform 1 (Hif-3α1) and isoform 2 (Hif-3α2) mRNA expression. RNA isolated from zebrafish embryos was analyzed by RT-PCR. (B) Schematic illustration of the hif-3α gene (top), Hif-3α1 and Hif-3α2 mRNAs (middle), and proteins (bottom). (C,D) Hif-3α2 expression in early development (C) and in adult tissues (D). The Hif-3α2 mRNA levels were measured by qRT-PCR and normalized by β-actin levels. Values are means +S.E. (n = 3). (E,F) Hif-3α1-EGFP but not Hif-3α2-EGFP is degraded under normoxia in vivo. Capped mRNA encoding EGFP, Hif-3α1-EGFP, and Hif-3α2-EGFP was injected into zebrafish embryos. The embryos were raised to 6 hpf under normoxia and observed under fluorescence microscopy (E) or analyzed by Western blotting using an anti-GFP antibody (F). (G) 6-hpf wild-type embryos were transferred to hypoxic (Hyp) or normoxic water (Nor) for 24 hr and analyzed by Western blotting using a specific Hif-3α antibody. (H) Adult fish were subjected to hypoxia treatments for the indicated time period and analyzed by Western blotting.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
hif1al WT standard conditions 1-cell to Day 4 whole organism RTPCR
Ab1-hif1al Prim-15 whole organism WB
Adult brain RTPCR
Adult eye RTPCR
Adult gill RTPCR
Adult heart RTPCR
Adult intestine RTPCR
Adult kidney RTPCR
Adult muscle RTPCR
Adult ovary RTPCR
Adult spleen RTPCR
Adult testis RTPCR
Ab1-hif1al Adult whole organism WB
Ab1-hif1al WT hypoxia Prim-15 whole organism WB
Ab1-hif1al Adult whole organism WB
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
WT hypoxia Prim-15 whole organism hif1al expression increased amount, abnormal
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