Fig. 6

Nikaido et al., 2013 - A Systematic Survey of Expression and Function of Zebrafish frizzled Genes
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Fig. 6

Expression of fzd7a, fzd7b and fzd10 at gastrula stage.

A, B) fzd7a expression. C, D) fzd7b expression. E–H) fzd10 expression. Left column shows expression at 6 hpf and right column shows expression at 80% epiboly stage as indicated. All are left side views with anterior to the top. Embryos in panel E and G, and embryos in panel F and H are the same ones. We focused on medial plane along the animal-vegetal axis for embryos in panel A–F. Embryos in panel G and H alone were focused on lateral surface to show signal in marginal area. Arrowheads in panels A, G, H indicate the marginal expression, and arrows in B and D show the lack of expression (see text). Scale bar: 100 μm.

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Stage Range: Shield to 75%-epiboly

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