Fig. S1

Hinits et al., 2012 - Zebrafish Mef2ca and Mef2cb are essential for both first and second heart field cardiomyocyte differentiation
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Fig. S1

Mef2cb mRNA and protein are upregulated after mef2cb over-expression.
In situ hybridisation for mef2cb mRNA in controls or embryos injected with BAC DNA containing the mef2cb locus shown in flatmounts, lateral view, anterior to left (A), transverse section through the somites (B), wholemounts in dorsal view, anterior to top (C and D). Cells with high levels of mef2cb are indicated with arrows in muscle fibres (A,B), head vasculature (C), heart (D) and telencephalon (white arrows, C). E. Mef2 immunoreactivity is chimerically strong (yellow arrows) in somitic cells after injection of mef2cb BAC DNA. F. Mef2ca/cb and GFP immunoreactivity are ectopically strong and co-localise in fibres (white arrowhead) in the first somite (asterisk), and in cells outside the somite and in the head (white arrows) after injection of hs-mef2cb-IRES-GFP plasmid DNA followed by heat shock activation, shown in dorsal view, anterior to top. G. Ectopic muscle fibres are forming in the head region of embryos injected with 20 pg mef2cb mRNA and immunoreact with Mef2ca/cb and MyHC. Scale = 100 μm (except in E and G= 20 μm).

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Reprinted from Developmental Biology, 369(2), Hinits, Y., Pan, L., Walker, C., Dowd, J., Moens, C.B., and Hughes, S.M., Zebrafish Mef2ca and Mef2cb are essential for both first and second heart field cardiomyocyte differentiation, 199-210, Copyright (2012) with permission from Elsevier. Full text @ Dev. Biol.