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Herwig et al., 2011 - Distinct Cellular Mechanisms of Blood Vessel Fusion in the Zebrafish Embryo. Current biology : CB   21(22):1942-1948 Full text @ Curr. Biol.
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Stage Range: Prim-25 to Long-pec
Knockdown Reagent:
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Stage: Prim-25

Fig. 4 Visualization of Apical Membrane during Anastomosis

(A–A′′) Pdxl2 antibodies label apical cell membranes in ISVs and DLAV at 48 hpf.

(B–B′′) Pdxl2 is localized within a junctional ring (arrow) at the contact site of two tip cells at the onset of anastomosis (36 hpf).

(C–C′′) Apical membrane invaginating into a tip cell at 36 hpf is shown by Pdxl2 immunostaining.

(D–D′) In sih morphants at the same stage, the Pdxl2 staining is only seen within the junctional rings, indicating that apical membrane invagination does not take place in the absence of blood flow.

Also compare Movie S3 and Figure S3A. α-ZO1 is shown in white, α-Pdxl2 in green, and kdrl:EGFP in red. Scale bar in all pictures represents 20 μm.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
podxl2 Ab1-podxl2 s843Tg standard conditions Prim-25 endothelial tip cell IHC
Ab1-podxl2 Long-pec blood vessel endothelial cell apical plasma membrane IHC
Ab1-podxl2 Long-pec dorsal longitudinal anastomotic vessel endothelial cell IHC
Ab1-podxl2 Long-pec intersegmental vessel endothelial cell IHC
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
nkuasrfp1aTg; ubs3Tg; ubs5Tg + MO1-tnnt2a standard conditions Prim-25 tube formation process quality, abnormal
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