Fig. 4

Hong et al., 2010 - Pre-gastrula expression of zebrafish extraembryonic genes
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Fig. 4

Expression of transient maternal genes. Whole mount in situ hybridizations showing what we presume to be maternal expression for mRNAs encoding one transcription factor (mtf1 [60]), two proteins with no recognizable motifs (wu:fj59f04 and pho [61]), one protein with similarity to the human MOTILE SPERM DOMAIN CONTAINING 2 gene (mospd2), one protein belonging to a lipid raft-linking family (rftn2 [31]) and one protein with an arrestin domain (arrdc1a [30]). Lateral views are shown and developmental stages and genes probed are indicated. Asterisks on the bottom right corner indicate genes for which no in situ expression data has previously been reported.

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Stage Range: 2-cell to Shield

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