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General Information
ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-990423-22
Genomic Feature: w2
Synonyms: (part of) Casper fish (1), (part of) Crystal fish (1)
Affected Genomic Regions: mitfa
Type: Point Mutation (1)
Protocol: ENU 
Lab Of Origin: David Raible Lab
Location: Chr: 6 Details
Current Sources: European Zebrafish Resource Center (EZRC)    (order this)
Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC)    (order this)
DNA/cDNA Change: C>T at position 417 (1)
Transcript Consequence: Premature Stop (1)
Protein Consequence: Polypeptide Truncation: Gln>Stop at position 113 (1)
FLANKING SEQUENCENo data available
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Homozygous mitfaw2/w2 mitfa Unknown
mitfaw2/w2 (AB) mitfa ♀+/- ♂+/-
mitfaw2/w2 mitfa ♀+/- ♂+/-
mitfaw2/w2 (AB) mitfa Unknown
Heterozygous mitfaw2/+ (AB) mitfa Unknown
Complex ccu1Tg ; hu6531Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 ; mpv17a9/a9 mitfa, mpv17
duoxsa13017/+ ; mitfaw2/w2 duox, mitfa
duoxsa13017/sa13017 ; mitfaw2/w2 duox, mitfa
duoxsa9892/+ ; mitfaw2/w2 duox, mitfa
duoxsa9892/sa9892 ; mitfaw2/w2 duox, mitfa
il2rgafb104/fb104 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; mpv17a9/a9 il2rga, mitfa, mpv17
kctd13a160/a160 ; mitfaw2/w2 (EKW) kctd13, mitfa
kg302Tg ; zf456Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa
mitfaw2/+ ; li2Tg/+ ; mpv17a9/+ ; hu7478Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/+ ; mitfaz25/+ mitfa
mitfaw2/+ ; mpv17a9/+ ; ue401Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/+ ; ue401Tg ; mpv17a9/+ ; wt1bue402/ue402 mitfa, mpv17, wt1b
mitfaw2/w2 ; f2Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2 ; jf9Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2 ; kg302Tg ; s1996tTg ; a4598Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2 ; mk105Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2 ; mpv17a9/a9 ; zh403Tg ; cc2d2aw38/w38 cc2d2a, mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2 ; mpv17b18/b18 ; zf45Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2 ; ptprkumc15/umc15 mitfa, ptprk
mitfaw2/w2 ; zf2031Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2 ; zh401Tg ; zh404Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2 ; zh404Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2 ; mpv17a9/a9 mitfa, mpv17
mitfaz25/+ ; tfap2ats213/ts213 ; mitfaw2/+ mitfa, tfap2a
mpv17a9/+ ; mitfaw2/+ ; li2Tg/+ mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; i114Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; li4Tg mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; lri500Tg mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; lri500Tg/lri500Tg mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; pd27Tg mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; prkdcfb103/fb103 ; il2rgafb104/fb104 il2rga, mitfa, mpv17, prkdc
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; s843Tg mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; sc1Tg mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; uw101Tg mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; y1Tg mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; zh402Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; zh403Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17
mpv17b18/b18 ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17
pd27Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17
ptprkumc14/umc14 ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, ptprk
sh378Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa
tfap2ats213/+ ; mitfaz25/+ ; mitfaw2/+ mitfa, tfap2a
zf154Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa
zh401Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 ; mpv17a9/a9 mitfa, mpv17
csf1ratm236b/tm236b; mitfaw2/w2 csf1ra, mitfa
gja5bdtk3/dtk3; mitfaw2/w2 gja5b, mitfa
mitfaw2/+; sox9bfh313/+ (AB) mitfa, sox9b
mitfaw2/w2; mitfbhu3857/hu3857 mitfa, mitfb
mitfaw2/w2; tjp1atnh009b/tnh009b mitfa, tjp1a
mitfaw2/w2; tp53zdf1/zdf1 mitfa, tp53
mitfaw2/w2; tp53zdf1/zdf1 mitfa, tp53
mitfaw2/w2; foxd3zdf10/zdf10 foxd3, mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17b18/b18 mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; t2gtl4anksag004aGt mitfa, t2gtl4a
mitfaw2/w2; meox1tm26/tm26 meox1, mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9 mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9 mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9 (AB) mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 (AB) mitfa, mpv17
jf16Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa
mitfaw2/w2 ; jf10Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2 ; jf14Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2 ; jf1Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; a4598Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; ens100Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; hd15Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; hd16Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; jf4Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; jf5Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; mil20Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; y1Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; zdf7Tg/zdf7Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; zf347Tg (WIK) mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; zf498Tg (AB) mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; zf498Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; sox10t3/t3 mitfa, sox10
mitfaw2/w2 ; prkdcfb103/+ ; mpv17a9/a9 (AB) mitfa, mpv17, prkdc
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; adam12ko109/ko109 adam12, mitfa, mpv17
prkdcfb103/fb103 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; mpv17a9/a9 (AB) mitfa, mpv17, prkdc
mitfaw2/w2; tp53zdf1/zdf1; czt13Tg mitfa, tp53
mitfaw2/w2; tp53zdf1/zdf1; czt13Tg mitfa, tp53
mitfaw2/w2 ; s896Tg ; mpv17b18/b18 mitfa, mpv17
mpv17b18/b18 ; gz32Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17
mpv17b18/b18 ; zf45Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17
jf1Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17
mi1000Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 ; mpv17a9/a9 mitfa, mpv17
mi1001Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/+; mpv17a9/+; i114Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2 ; y1Tg ; ednrbab140/b140 ednrba, mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; as3Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; f2Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; jf4Tg (AB) mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; jf5Tg (AB) mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; li4Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; lri500Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; mi2001Tg (AB) mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; mk100Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; mk101Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; nz117Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; s916Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; ug100Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; y1Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; zf458Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; zf459Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2; mpv17a9; y1Tg mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; li1Tg mitfa, mpv17
slc45a2b4/b4; mpv17a9/a9; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17, slc45a2
mitfaw2/w2; kg1Tg; zc60Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; kg1Tg; zc60Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; nkgsa2azgff49aGt/nkgsa2azgff49aGt; zf415Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; sq200Tg; sq206Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; zdf14Tg/+; zdf7Tg/+ mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; zf349Tg; zf351Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; zf349Tg; zf352Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; zf485Tg; zf490Tg mitfa
mitfaw2/w2; prnprs3ua5001/ua5001; mpv17a9/a9; mi2001Tg (AB) mitfa, mpv17, prnprs3
kg1Tg ; zc60Tg ; tenm3kg69/kg69 ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, tenm3
mitfaw2/w2 ; kg302Tg ; tenm3kg69/kg69 ; zf456Tg mitfa, tenm3
li4Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 ; mi1001Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 mitfa, mpv17
mi1001Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; y1Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2 ; mpv17a9/a9 ; jh16Tg/+ ; yu21Tg/+ mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; sc2Tg/+; y1Tg/+ mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; yu1Tg/+ ; jh16Tg/+ ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17
pt420Tg ; zc57Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17
yu23Tg/+ ; jh16Tg/+ ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; slc45a2b4/b4 ; a4598Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17, slc45a2
mpv17a9/a9 ; slc45a2b4/b4 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; uss1Tg mitfa, mpv17, slc45a2
slc45a2b4/b4 ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; jf1Tg mitfa, mpv17, slc45a2
slc45a2b4/b4 ; kg302Tg ; kg1Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17, slc45a2
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; jak3fb102/fb102 (AB) jak3, mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; rag2fb101/fb101 mitfa, mpv17, rag2
mpv17a9/a9 ; rag2fb101/fb101 ; is5Tg ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, mpv17, rag2